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Student Information System(SIS)

A vertical educational cloud that digitizes educational institutes: Universities, Colleges, Research Institutes and others

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KSA Flyers

AI enabled elastic search that converts Retail flyers to searchable discounts available around locations

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AI enabled personalized students portfolios along with ChatGPT integration

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Innovative platform connecting buyers and sellers, empowering SMEs to reach a global market, showcase products/services, and facilitate seamless transactions through digital technology.

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Digital Out of Home Space Ad Campaign

Leading digital signage and advertising company delivering innovative marketing solutions through displays, content creation, and audience measurement for businesses seeking effective marketing strategies.

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Touchless Workforce Tracking System

Innovative solution using computer vision and AI to monitor employee attendance and productivity safely, addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19 and ensuring a secure workplace environment.

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Patient Experience Mobility Solution

Enhancing healthcare journeys by empowering patients with mobile access to information and services, navigating complex hospital environments, and improving overall patient satisfaction.

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Enterprise Service Management (ITSM)

Extending service management principles across the organization, ESM streamlines service delivery through a centralized platform, improving efficiency and effectiveness in managing service requests and automating processes.

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Document Security Print and Verification

Enhancing document security in industries by printing encrypted codes and implementing a verification system for confidential and sensitive information protection.


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