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Our design-thinking and technology-driven methodology has enabled us to develop hundreds of enterprise and customer-facing apps that have been a boon for businesses. These applications have vastly improved their bottom-line performance.
Mobile App Development

Our Mobile App Development Services.

With over 120 developers and expertise spanning a wide range of technologies, we hold a strong track record in the following:

  • Android App Development

  • iOS App Development

  • hybrid app Development


The SyngyMAXIM Advantage to Mobile App Development

SyngyMAXIM is a mobile app development platform that offers several advantages to businesses and developers looking to build high-quality mobile applications. Here are some of the key benefits of using SyngyMAXIM for mobile app development:

Our Expertise

Partnerships Across Domains

  • Front end
  • Back end
  • Database
How We Work

Our Process Highlights

Our app development process has been optimized over time to seamlessly integrate into our clients' projects. This means that custom mobile application development can be done efficiently and any complexities involved in the process can be easily managed.

  • A sound idea goes a long way

    At the outset of the development process, we take time to consider key questions such as: what would constitute success for this app? What potential challenges do we need to be aware of? How rigid or flexible is the timeline? This helps us form our strategy and create tailored solutions that meet your needs. We perform extensive requirements gathering and brainstorming sessions in order to identify and optimize approaches.

  • Designed to impress

    It's critical that your app has an intuitive user experience. That's why we make sure to research customer behaviour and user pathways deeply, which helps us uncover valuable insights for refining the design process. Our careful research helps ensure your app is effortlessly adopted by its users.

  • Built to succeed

    We set forth precise timelines when implementing our prototypes and wireframes, allowing for the flexibility of incorporating feedback following each phase. This keeps the project on track as efficiently as possible.

  • We detect bugs, too!

    We make testing and maintenance a top priority to ensure that your app is free of technical or user errors and runs smoothly across various operating systems and devices. We keep our standards rigorous to guarantee an easy, problem-free user experience.

  • A relationship beyond the finish line

    At our company, we are dedicated to providing top-notch service. Our job isn't done once the product is delivered; we will be available to you for bug fixes, updates and support in the months that follow. We consider ourselves partners in innovation and, as such, are committed to making sure your product succeeds.


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