Enhancing healthcare journeys by empowering patients with mobile access to information and services, navigating complex hospital environments, and improving overall patient satisfaction.

The patient experience mobility solution aimed to improve the experience of patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities by providing them with a mobile solution that allows them to access information and services on the go. This product aimed to address the challenges of navigating complex hospital environments and improve patient satisfaction by empowering patients to take more control over their healthcare journey.

  • Booking an appointment through call request or visiting the hospital
  • No idea whether the recommended doctor will be available or not when we need to go to hospital
  • Maintaining all the records and reports physically
  • Refilling the prescribed medications usually by keeping the date in mind
  • Tracking the visit status for the user may be difficult

Our healthcare solutions offer a range of innovative features that make it easy and convenient for patients to manage their healthcare needs. By enabling patients to book appointments online, we save them valuable time that can be better spent on their recovery. Our patient portal is an essential tool that allows patients to keep track of their scheduled appointments and medications, ensuring that they never miss an important dose or appointment.
We also offer a comprehensive doctor referral system, allowing patients to find doctors based on their location and specialty, making it easy to find the right healthcare provider for their needs. Additionally, we simplify the process of accessing patient reports by making them available online and just a touch/click away. With our healthcare solutions, patients can manage their healthcare needs more efficiently, while healthcare providers can provide better care and support to their patients.
Our healthcare solutions provide hassle-free appointment booking, access from anywhere, BMI and blood sugar level calculations, customizable interface, and multi-lingual support. These features empower patients to take control of their healthcare needs and make informed decisions about their wellbeing.
Our solution also improved efficiency and productivity within healthcare facilities by reducing the workload of healthcare staff. Patients could schedule appointments and receive medication reminders through the application, reducing the need for staff to perform these tasks manually. Our application also provided patients with access to their medical records and test results, reducing the need for staff to print and distribute paper records.
One unique thing about the patient experience mobility system is the use of real-time data and mobile technology to improve the patient transport experience.
The system was built as a mobile application that patients could download onto their smartphones or tablets, allowing them to request transport, track their location, and receive real-time updates on the status of their transport request. This real-time data also allowed hospital staff and transport providers to monitor and optimize the system's performance, reducing wait times and improving the efficiency of patient transport. The use of mobile technology and real-time data in healthcare is a unique and innovative approach to improving patient experience and hospital operations.
Our patient experience mobility solution product was successful in improving the patient experience in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The mobile application provided patients with easy access to information and services, improving patient satisfaction and reducing stress and confusion. The real-time location tracking and wayfinding features also improved patient safety and efficiency within healthcare facilities.
Our solution is a promising solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities looking to improve patient experience and increase efficiency.m


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