Unlocking the Potential of Optima Labs

Optima Labs
Optimus Labs is a phygital experiences for educators to integrate emerging technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), Digital Twins, VR, Robotics etc. into classrooms, colleges, and universities to prepare students for today's and tomorrow's jobs. We are intended to achieve this goal by setting up an exclusive LABs at school premises where we offer project-based learning experiences that aligns to United Nations SDGs.
Our Primary goal is to match AI with sectors and organisations that helps to fulfil the "Global Goals." We believe that more democratic AI development is critical for achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals' "pledge to leave no one behind."

Several enablers were required to achieve a more successful digital future, including accelerated innovation and investment in innovative solutions that helps to address greatest concerns. Using an AI recommendation system that modifies the learner's learning path based on data and analysis. TITAN is a framework for defining and managing AI-based learning paths.

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