Getting yesterday’s applications prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges

SyngyMAXIM is here to help businesses seize innovation opportunities, drive data-driven business growth and increase return on investment (ROI). Our solutions allow you to maintain legacy systems while modernizing existing applications and infrastructure.
Application Modernization

Prepare yesterday’s software to better navigate tomorrow’s tech landscape

As part of their IT budget, many businesses spend a large portion of funds on maintaining legacy systems. These outdated or under performing applications and infrastructures have been in place for some time and can be a major drain on resources. Investing in the transformation or updating of these systems is often the most sensible decision -it provides companies with agility, enabling them to take on fresh challenges and develop innovative approaches. Data migration to new platforms, constructing entirely new architecture from scratch -modernization initiatives are essential for any business wanting to move forward strategically and maximize their potential.


The SyngyMAXIM Advantage to Legacy Modernization

SyngyMAXIM is a modernization solution that helps organizations to upgrade their legacy systems to modern technologies. The SyngyMAXIM advantage lies in its ability to provide a comprehensive approach to legacy modernization, which includes the following benefits:

How We Work

Our Process Highlights

When it comes to updating legacy applications, partnering with a knowledgeable provider is key. A full-scale modernization initiative could be complex and require professional guidance to identify the right course of action. At our company, we offer efficient processes and principles that enable customers to upgrade their system architectures and platforms with minimal hassle. Whether the goal is to completely revamp an application or make small changes, our expertise will help your operations become more future-proof.

  • The critical SWOT Analysis

    When it comes to updating legacy systems, a comprehensive and thoughtful approach is vital to succeed. Without the proper judgment and consideration, costly wastage of time and resources or even worse - data loss can become imminent. That's why in every engagement, we conduct an extensive analysis beforehand -- enabling us to recognize any key opportunities and potential hazards that current setup presents. This helps ensure a smooth transition into more reliable solutions without any unnecessary risks.

  • Preparation is key

    Preparation is essential for any modernization campaign. It involves tasks such as identifying the systems that need to be modernized, mapping out locations for existing data, and defining users and tasks that may be affected by potential changes or transitions. Having a well-defined plan of action helps to make sure that the process is smooth and straightforward.

  • Tactful migration

    Legacy frameworks sometimes require migration, and SyngyMAXIM is here to help. We approach the process with careful consideration to mapping, categorizing, and scheduling data over time. As each step of the process continues we are mindful to test, evaluate and make changes where necessary for a successful transition.

  • The importance of evaluation

    It is critical to measure the success of content migration procedures. We are committed to enforcing strict testing and maintenance standards so that your modernized systems can be trusted tag-free. Evaluation also provides an extra layer of assurance that security measures have been properly implemented.

  • A relationship beyond the finish line

    As your partner in innovation, we are dedicated to helping you with all of your modernization needs. We don't just provide the new systems; our team is here to guide and support you throughout the process. We will remain available for additional deployment assistance and provide post-migration or upgrade maintenance, including bug fixes and updates, for a few months afterwards. With us, you can rest assured that the new system will function smoothly and be seamlessly adopted by all users.


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