AI enabled personalized students portfolios along with ChatGPT integration

TITAN is an AI recommendation engine for SMAX. It is designed to provide personalized recommendations to students, faculty, and staff based on their interests, past behaviour, and contextual data. It can be a powerful tool to help students achieve their academic goals and help faculty to improve their performance.
TITAN uses machine learning algorithms to analyse student data and provide personalized recommendations for courses, and activities. The engine can be integrated into the app to suggest courses, activities, events, and resources that match the user's profile and preferences.

  • Capture changes in user behaviour
  • Personalized course recommendations to students
  • Efficient allocation of resources to users
  • Personalized professional development for faculty
  • Academic support
  • Career guidance

The personalized learning aspect of the platform is significant. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to recommend courses and activities that match the student's interests and career goals.
The system uses various algorithms to analyse data such as user profiles, enrolment history, academic performance, and campus activities. These algorithms can include collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, and hybrid filtering.
The adaptive learning of the app uses data such as past performance, learning style, and interests to provide personalized learning experiences for each student. It adapts the difficulty level of assignments and activities based on the student's mastery of the subject matter and provides feedback and resources to help students improve their performance.
The collaborative filtering algorithm can identify patterns in user behaviour and suggest similar courses or activities to other users who have similar interests. Content-based filtering can analyse the characteristics of courses, activities, and resources and suggest those that match the user's interests. Hybrid filtering can combine both collaborative and content-based filtering to provide more accurate recommendations.
In addition to providing personalized recommendations, TITAN can also track user behaviour and feedback to refine its recommendations over time. The engine can learn from user preferences and adjust its algorithms to provide better and more accurate recommendations.

TITAN can analyse a student's past performance, interests, and career goals to suggest courses that are best suited to them. Based on a student's course history, it can suggest study materials that are relevant to their current coursework. It can suggest extracurricular activities that align with a student's interests and can help them develop new skills. It can suggest career paths based on a student's academic performance, interests, and strengths.
TITAN can analyse the course syllabus and suggest relevant study materials, such as textbooks, articles, and videos. It can analyse student performance data and provide insights into areas where students are struggling, which can help faculty provide targeted support. It can suggest teaching techniques that have been successful in similar courses, helping faculty improve their teaching effectiveness.
An AI engine can suggest research topics and papers that are relevant to a faculty member's area of expertise, helping them stay up to date on the latest developments in their field.

Our system is a unique and valuable tool for students who are seeking employment or internship opportunities. The AI recommendation engine analyses a student's academic performance, extracurricular activities, and career interests to provide personalized recommendations on how to build a strong resume.
TITAN can help students achieve their academic and career goals by providing personalized recommendations and feedback. It can also help faculty and staff better understand student needs and adapt their teaching and support strategies to meet those needs.The platform has had a significant impact on student engagement and academic outcomes and has helped faculty and staff better understand student needs.


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