Facilitating Positive Outcomes Across Sectors

We recognize how important it is to listen to and understand our client's vision before starting a project. We have tackled various size requirements with different challenges, and have been successful in building trusting relationships that have enabled us to bring those projects to completion. Our commitment is always to do the best work we can with the best expertise at hand

Student Information System

A Student Information System (SIS) is an online platform used by educational institutions to manage student-related data, including enrolment, attendance, grades, and other academic records. This case study will examine how one educational institution successfully implemented an SIS to streamline its student management process and improve overall academic performance.


Partnerships Across Domains

Throughout our time in business, we have been fortunate to collaborate with and serve a number of esteemed customers from different industries. We are proud that our commitment to excellence has enabled us to establish an impressive portfolio of services over the years.

An Approach That Prioritizes Your Product

For your vision to become reality, you need effective processes and principles. Thats why partnering with us is a worthwhile choice - we have taken the time to cultivate sound values and practice them every day. Our commitment continues even after successful deployment of your project

  • Experience with a diverse range of clients

    We have a wealth of experience working with companies of all sizes within different industries. With our expertise we can address the unique challenges presented by any individual organization and deliver lasting solutions.

  • Hassle-free communication

    We speak good English, and we hate unread emails as much as you do. You can expect prompt, honest, and consistent engagement from our end.

  • Expertise

    We have over 120 employees, each of whom is specialized in a different tech stack with a number of years of experience.

  • Flexibility

    Our flexible plans are designed to accommodate ever-changing market demands as well as any potential changes that may occur mid-project. Rest assured, with our plans, we've got you covered if more resources need to be deployed or if the project scope needs altering. With Avail by your side, you can take on even the most complex of projects with confidence.

  • Complete end to end team

    All our employees are on our permanent payroll. Hence, they will stay accountable till the end of the project.  also for post implementation support services too.

  • Priority to your needs

    We recognize it's important to honor our clients’ vision and preferences when it comes to choosing the tech stack and frameworks for their projects. Rest assured, we will take your requests into account and ensure that the end result meets the highest standards.

  • 7 Years of Business Existence
  • 450 Experience of Developers
  • 37 Happy Clients

Join Us in Driving Digital Innovation Forward

At SyngyMAXIM, we understand that the quality of our product relies on the skill and talent of our team. We strive to maintain an excellent team by recruiting personnel who share the same passion for creating exceptional digital products. If you're eager to join us and contribute, don't hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to your application.
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SyngyMAXIM is a full-stack product engineering company that focuses on delivering world-class digital products. We prioritize trust, collaboration and excellence across all of our projects. Rather than settling for standard workflows, we constantly strive to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client's business. We value open communication throughout the entire process and go the extra mile to ensure success.

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